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Present  market scenarios  have brought   in web design to your fore front ,like fashion trends change continuously over season and age ,so does the  website design trends  2016 have seen a lot of innovative website design ,some which included Info graphics  for selling the whole idea of website and some were the old school with  scrolling site and 3D effects. Website design in India   has also shown tremendous shift in its utility, this change is invariably seen in e-commerce websites or portfolio websites .few of the most used features in websites I am mentioning below.

Hamburger menu is a common trend taken from mobile devices were navigation to many function hide under it, for those who do not understand what is hamburger button, it is a graphical user interface carrying icons, mostly placed in the top left or right of website. Why this is because of its appealing nature and makes the website less bulky and sleeker.

Hamburger menu is harmful for e-commerce site since it can cause unnecessary friction from users since they are forced to navigate through series of menu, still it is not possible for e-commerce websites to avoid the hamburger menu due to its sleekness, by including ticker in the left hand or right hand side of webpage e-commerce website can to certain level compensate the customer friction.

Carousels are another feature in website design adding to the beauty of website but sometimes make it look like too much spicy dish. Carousels are bad for SEO since there is lack of content make it difficult to do SEO on it .carousels make the webpage slow because of high resolution images. Studies have shown that only fewer people click the carousel hardly due to banner blindness  or banner noise also called as Ad blindness were people consciously or unconsciously ignore the advertisement or banner.

Parallax scrolling is another feature seen in websites were foreground and background content scroll at varying speed giving a sense of dept to the site but this is not good for SEO  and makes the website slow due to the use of graphics and java scripts ,this increasing the loading time for the page .

Another feature is use of fond, here website designers and content writers should be careful not to use more than two type of fond since it creates an awkwardness in it look and  it is been a proven fact that  trend based websites should not be focus unless it a limited period website because trend based websites wither away in time hence would require a lot of changes on a period basis. Web designs in India needs to be made seeing the various factors which can make the website more  user  Friendly.


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