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This blog on logo is continuation of my previous blogs, since there are around 20 types of logo designs .I will be taking about the remaining types of designs .Transparent overlaps are logos based on dept perception and colors, writing in various shapes.


Honest and simple logos explaining the authenticity of product or explains what is the content of product, sometime showing the freshness of product.


Focus logos are crisp and sharp images created by fading the logo to background is done in such designs, these logos give a 4th dimensional quality.

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The reveal logo design is a tricky logo design were the creator should be able to bring in the attributes of two design or letter in single character as peeling back of one letter shows the letter behind that, letters are done in bold shape ,even natural features and color’s can be assigned to each letter or character like strength ,environment etc.


Tessellation is similar to mosaic design but here the  designs give a 3d effect for viewer by mixing geometrical shapes, letters or characters can be inscribed in the pattern.


Another interesting design is incomplete logo designs where logo misses completing but still the viewer is able to understand the idea and meaning.


Splatters and watercolor  here colors are used as that of a oil painting or water colour getting the viewer to understand the beauty of product, best fit for vibrant and life based product, such designs are latest trend in  logo designs. Moire patterns are based on grid lines used wisely to create optical illusions.


Basic shapes are design in a strong background color, but simple vector design or geometrical shapes or characters, good example will be that of Bosco. Abstract and sharp type logos are typographic logos best suited for café and restaurants or cosmetics.


Remaining logo types I am not putting any examples, you can search in Google images Word search design is a puzzle type logo, were viewer get fun in searching the alphabets, this is not suggested for any product in general since all customers won’t agree to the idea and some way it is a bit confusing in first glance. Scripts and retro designs are logos with beautiful scripts, words molded to shapes or design that feel life in itself example is Photoshop CS6 logo. Grown up logo design are designs which are expressive of mature nature of firm but includes fun as in case of ebay.

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