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Logo is by definition “representation of company or brand”, which in itself having the attributes, features, brand value and expectations of customer. Few days back there was request from a client requesting me to write on logo Types and give an Intel in best designs. After reading the Blog you will be able to differentiate the various types of designs.

Few things you must understand about a logo, Logo Design is like finger print it should be different for different organization and for separate bodies in same organization .sometimes people try to copy others Logo to prevent the plagiarism there are strict Trade Marking rules and copy infringement right s.

Next let’s understand about logo trends and designs,

Black and White –logos which are in bold black and white color with no vibrant colors which was a trend in 2013, though the logo looked very boring and outdated.

Logo Design in India

Simplification includes a simple design with company name in bold mostly with two to three color‘s example would be logos of universities, even Microsoft, eBay follows simplification logo.

Logo Design in India

Mosaic pattern are another logo trend with pattern looking like various colors placed like a mosaic floor. This concept is used because concepts like growth, value, strength, multi culture can be exhibited through these Logos.


Energetic Logos are simple logos in first glance but have great energy and life in the logo and it is little difficult to come up with such logo examples are logos of games or film awards.

Logo Design in India

Serrated edges are logos with sharp edges and bold look, I mean a macho look in Logo designs example can be transformer logo or game logos.

Logo Design in India

App store influenced logos; theses slick icon based logo right size and shape to fit a coin, these logos most seen in apps and bottle caps.

Logo Design in India

Airline/International logos are logos with bold colors, choosing colors like red, white, blue for example as that in couriers and mail service or airways. I am continuing about logo in next blog.

Logo Design in India

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