Finally we got a victorious grouping (NASSCOM) – “Centree Technologies”

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NASSCOM (The National Association of software and services companies is a trade association of IT and BPO Industry. It has its headquarters in New Delhi .NASSCOM has its regional offices in all major cities including cochin and Trivandrum .NASSCOM conducts leadership forum making platform for new companies to network  and engage their products. NASSCOM has been instrumental in providing new start up with business intelligence based on industry trends and growth opportunities; it gives access to blogs, presentations, articles and discussion from experts.

NASSCOM has provided startups opportunity by providing visibility and monthly newsletter, bringing in speakers, industrial experts, member data base for global and regional networking. Global connectivity is supported through delegations and networking with companies globally through their delegate’s .NASSCOM does provide members with Intel on visas, immigration and other policy updates in countries.


10000 startups an initiative by NASSCOM  has provided budding entrepreneurs with government funds and to raise seed capital  from investor-angels ,micro venture capitals ,based on categories in business it conducts workshops for shortlisted companies on product management .NASSCOM provided opportunity for startups to showcase their products and receive advise from top experts in industry.

INDIA has becomes the growth beacon for all start-ups in IT (information technology) and various innovation .The NASSCOM initiative was so excellent that the number of STARTUPS has crossed 4200 and in its race for more. I believe it is the times for growth opportunity seeing the population density and customer requirement. Either we have to work for someone or be instrumental in creating  the venue for  more jobs  ,looking at NASSCOM initiative as a futuristic model for bringing in news jobs and investment  to INDIA .

Here I would like to quote the words of  Shri Narendra Modi (Prime Minister Of India) where he said “I SEE STARTUPS,TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION AS EXCITING AND EFFECTIVE INSTRUMENTS FOR INDIAS TRANSFORMATION” ,recently Centree Technology Pvt Ltd was  able to be part of such a huge flag ship  initiative by GOI(Government Of India). Centree Technology being a web based and apps development company understand the importance of growth potential this initiative could bring in, since the expected total corpus from GOI for startup is 10000 crores over a period of 4 years ,which means you idea is no longer just idea but time has come for it to materialize .

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