Fascinating Native Advertisement Strategy for Future Encore

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Scenarios has changes in Markets  from 90’s to 21st  century .print adds has moved to visual media and in Fastrack  scenario to digital marketing. if we think  marketing with banners have crowded the space and you are left with no space for marketing in this world… you need to rethink…and  re imagine a new space in marketing that is native advertisement…what is a native advertisement?..Is it new concept?…i would say it is not  ,native advertisement is a way of marketing products in a way ,creating a new customer experience and product reinforcement .

Just re imagine your gaming start button in the shape of a Pepsi can or Mc Donnalds logo or another example I can say is re imagine that you are playing Pokemon Go in inside the game search you have to feed your Pokemon and feeds are domino’s or Kwality walls ice cream .If you have seen such type of marketing anywhere then I say you have it already. Best feature of native advertisement is it design feature and acceptance factor. It would be rare case for customers to see a native advertisement and feels irritated.

Any brand you would take has to maintain customer relationship ,customer interaction and be a part of customer  life these three factors should happen in a single or invariably in few steps ,native advertisement does all these in single shot.

Native advertisement is about customer fantasy..just imagine in your company webpage you have a doodle fruit which invites the customer for a product interaction or ask for review. How would that customer experience be, rather than normal way of asking question and answer model ,which is in a way boring, would it not be fun to interact with a character which takes you through the website like a safari ride ,it explain to you all about the website, company and product and event advises you on what not to do. Here every company has to understand native advertisement is the future of all advertising  and top in the ladder for marketing conti……

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