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Escalation on apps future is a well discussed matter .As we all should understand the importance of apps as a virtual  commodity  to buy and sell. Few days ago I had meeting with a client in Kerala, they are in to supermarket chains ,the client was asking me “what is the next future for supermarket business  and he asked me how long such future last”. I was explaining to them apps being the next future and the money they have to invest  in app now, rather than to go for material space. How an App help them is by providing a customer interaction directly and converting to sales ,increasing customer loyalty to product .at the same time Apps can be a one time investment if the investment is proper.

In my previous blog on App I was talking about 2020,you will find lot of experts on this matter on apps future ,some have suggested the near download of apps will become 284 million in 2020 and in this 25%share will be taken by gaming Apps. In 2015 around 45 billion games were downloaded ,which is nearly 41% of App download from stores ,hence there is a calculated prediction for 2020  that there will be more than 101 million gaming apps will get installed .strong App markets like china ,Japan, south Korea  will be joined by India in 2020.

Emerging markets like India  has a increase in Smart phone users and average growth potential being 6.71% yoy   future talks about 1billion users for smart phone ,or rather I would say market for 1 billion apps downloaders  in India alone .This is the market all should be investing on  because rising competition has called in for lesser saturation rate for present market and  Indian market is fresh for new investments on Apps. Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina are other good markets for apps apart from India.

Another big reason for apps growth is its easy to use property and quick response ,Apps can be directive based on specific function  for example whatapp-which is a social app,like wise apps to GPS on children for their protection ,pet tracker are other examples.

In 2015 the app revenue was 41billion dollars and 2020 it is expected to be around 101 billion focus of the apps business  should just not be in it use but in the way it is designed  as well .

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