How to bring Native Advertisement in Digital Marketing?

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In my previous blog on native marketing ,I have put few glimpses on native advertisement. Now let me tell you the place of native in marketing, It starts with Banners then to interstitial then comes videos and in top pyramid comes ‘Native’.

World wide web is the easiest link for this globalized business platform and web pages acting as the face of every companies. More the no of pages more competition in market and all owners want to give the best experience and all want more traffic to their sites ,on way all want sales to happen in less times.

Since digital marketing has so much importance in present scenario ,new challenges in the mind of entrepreneurs is what to give more, new challenges for marketing guys is how to create a new experience. We all know that day by day pace of life style and work momentum has reduced out attention span to small number or rather I would say both attention span and patience towards seeing advertisement has reduced considerably. Knowing  all these factors still product challenges has not reduced neither has the demand or process of creating demand.

This situation has called in for  new innovations in marketing without reducing the customer experience . Invariably this new principles of marketing  “native advertisement “ is adopted by marketing experts to combat the attention span issue.

In the image I have shown a example of how native can be utilized in marketing. Website being the new distribution point for customer experience and product interaction, always new graphic images both organic and symbiotic characters  elevate the customer experience.

If you would have noticed all banner ads and pop up ads has a time limit of 5 to 10 minutes running on top or bottom of the page, were as native can be put in places for a longer period of time increasing the repetition factor and genius factor of native is it can be put in almost anywhere in a webpage and still be fruitful for client and elevation in experience for customer.

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