Amazing new Technologies – Nodejs, MeanStack, MongoDB, and Typescript:

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It’s hard to remember a world without new and outstanding Technologies!!

It should not be any surprise that the tech world launching a new technology day by day. So, currently an informative message will waiting for you all techy’s. That was introduced by our Centree Technologies with innovative and creative!! You would be lost your tech career without these outstanding technologies, Here’s some list of new technologies we monitor daily, add these to your bookmarks!!


Nodejs is a scripting language open source cross platform, used as a server side programming language. It is a path of webpage application development.


MeanStack is a combination of Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js and MongoDB. It’s a language which was written for both client side and server side executions.


Angularjs is based on javascript a front end web application framework; it simplifies both development and testing. And this application mainly used for MVC and MVVM.


Typescript is also open source programming language developed mainly for large applications and Trans compiles to javascript.


MongoDB is a document database with flexibility and scalability with querying and indexing that you need. It’s a free and open source makes a development easy, mongoDB uses JSON like documents with schemas. is an open source and a server side web application frame work, it is used to allow build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

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